Top 5 Hits and Misses of 2013

28 Dec

Top 5

Gillian of Crafting a Rainbow had a great idea about posting top five hits, misses, reflections, inspirations and goals of 2013. Since I think that is a great way to sum up my crafting activity, here goes…

Hits: I discovered a new (to me) indie pattern company, Kate and Rose, early in 2013 and went on to make three tops using the Roza pattern. This pattern brought my love of embroidery together with garment sewing and resulted in three of my top five hits for 2013!

monogram rozaRoza version 2100_1567

Also making the top 5 hit list was my Sewing Cake Cabarita top. This was the first time I had sewed anything from Steph’s company but would definitely not be the last. Her original take on sizing is refreshing and significantly reduces the amount of modifications required.

Cabarita Chevron

I also took part in Colette Patterns Laurel contest and ended up wearing this version all summer! This was my most fun challenge all year and resulted in many cool versions of this rather simple pattern.Summer Version Colette Laurel

Misses:  There weren’t many but unfortunately I have to put my Pantone Anna Dress from By Hand London in the “miss” category. I have never worn it and it is a shame. I think the biggest issue was my fabric choice. The bodice flops out a bit which makes the cleavage a bit too pronounced. I haven’t given up on giving this pattern another go since I do think the overall shape is super flattering!

Pantone Anna 3

Another FO making the “miss” list is my Monthly Stitch It’s Elementary My Dear Watson cape. There is nothing “wrong” with it but living in South Carolina doesn’t lend itself to wearing capes often. Perhaps I need to start a new trend…

Sherlock Holmes

Probably my worst fail of the year was the Maria Mexican Folk Dress. I had such high hopes for this dress. I wanted to marry my love of embroidery with sewing but it was NOT to be. Better luck next year!

Maria Mexican Folk DressTomorrow I will continue the list with reflections and inspirations from 2013!


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3 Responses to “Top 5 Hits and Misses of 2013”

  1. Gillian December 28, 2013 at 10:56 AM #

    Hi! Thanks for taking part in the Top 5 lists! :) You’ve made some great things this year! I’m rather obsessed with wardrobe colour palettes, and I can’t hep noticing that the three things you loved were all bright vibrant (often warm red/orange/yellow/bright turquoisey blue) and the fails were all grey and dark! Do you think the colours are a part of why you feel good in some and not in others? I definitely think the bold colours look great on you! :)

    • sullivan1970 December 28, 2013 at 11:03 AM #

      Perhaps you are onto something. I definitely enjoy bold patterns and colors. I probably need to be more thoughtful when fabric shopping since spending so much time making garments only to have them languish in the closet is a bummer!

  2. Kate & Rose (@kateandrose) December 31, 2013 at 11:41 AM #

    Thank you for the mention! Happy New Year :)

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