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I’ve Been Busy…How About You?

I am usually a pretty organized crafter who tries to complete one project before starting the next but after losing my sewjo for a couple of weeks I am on fire! My projects took over the dining room this weekend and instead of home cooked meals on the table, we have this…

sewing in process

First up is my ALMOST completed cape for the Monthly Stitch August challenge. Forget that it is hotter than blue blazes at the moment, I must have a cape to parade about town this winter. More details to come on my cape next week.

cape in process

Next up is a totally random project I started Saturday. While I was organizing my sewing cabinet (otherwise known as trying to find a way to jam even more stuff in without the door flying open!) I found a kit for a quilted Christmas apron that I picked up at a local craft fair nearly two years ago. Never mind that I don’t know how to quilt, it is over four months before Christmas and I have tons of other more pressing items in my sewing queue. Even so, I actually enjoyed stitching the blocks together and will definitely use it once I finish. Next I will have to consult you tube for visual aids to quilt and bind the apron. If anyone has suggestions for good quilting instruction sites, let me know.

quilted apron

Also on my table is another Roza blouse (my 3rd!). Football season starts next week and I am a huge South Carolina Gamecocks fan. The University of SC is my alma mater and only an hour from my house. We often go to the games or watch them on television with friends so I decided to create a one of a kind blouse to wear. I did the embroidery of the USC mascot while watching TV last week and plan to stitch up the blouse this weekend. This version also uses up some of my stash so I get brownie points for stashbusting!

roza embroidery

And if that wasn’t enough I also have two items in process for the Sew Weekly Reunion. One is my first version of the By Hand London Anna dress for the Pantone Color Challenge. I am almost finished and hope to have a proper pattern review written next week but if you haven’t tried this pattern, you must get it to the top of your sewing queue stat!

anna dress

The other is for the Patterns and Notions Swap Challenge. If you recall from a previous post, my partner Amanda sent me two vintage patterns along with a cool set of buttons and a vintage tape measure. One of the sewing patterns included a knitted jacket pattern so I am feverishly knitting in the hopes of finishing it before September 1st. I would love to win the huge set of buttons offered as the prize.

pattern swap sweater

With all this positive creative energy flowing, what could be better than a gift in the mail? I recently won the Annette Tierette’s blogaversary giveaway and Anneke sent me a beautiful length of wax cotton fabric and lovely note all the way from Belgium. If you haven’t ever checked out her blog you definitely should. She makes cute clothing and always photographs her makes in cool industrial kinds of places which make her posts exceedingly more interesting!

giveaway gift

That’s what I’ve been up to this past week. Would love to hear about what you have on your sewing table!

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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of creativity all on the go! I’m looking forward to seeing them all finished. πŸ™‚ (And I’m in awe of your fast knitting!!)

    • Now to get them complete is the challenge. I find knitting to be very relaxing and mostly knit while watching TV in the evenings. This particular pattern calls for larger needles so it is knitting up pretty quickly.:-)

  2. Wow, you are busy! For first time quilting you may want to just do straight lines with a walking foot. I can’t think of any websites to direct you to off the top of my head, I can look around if you want. Nancy Zieman has a quilting book that covers the basics, your local library might have it. Or you could take a Craftsy class.
    Love your Gamecock shirt, that’s very creative. Are you going to the game next Thursday? My parents are going, though they will be for the other team. πŸ™‚ I grew up in a blue and white household but I really don’t care about that sports team these days. Depending on which direction your hour from your alma mater is, we might live kind of near each other.

    • Thanks for the tip about Nancy’s book, I will definitely check that out. My youngest has a jv game Thursday so I can’t go to the game in person but will be watching it on ESPN. I grew up in Lexington just outside of Cola so we always went to the games. I live in Lancaster now and still held season tickets until three years ago. Once I had kids going to college at USC, I still sent all my money there but it was in tuition instead of ticket sales! My oldest just graduated 8/10 from USC-Upstate and my daughter is enrolled at USC-Lancaster with plans to ultimately move to the Cola campus. All of my family (except my brother who is in the military) went to USC so I’m not sure I could stand to spend money anywhere else πŸ™‚

      That being said, I work in Charlotte so around here when you say Carolina they mean the blue and white kind. I don’t mind talking football but I certainly hide my head in shame during basketball season πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Jeri! There are some really wonderful YouTube tutorials for quilting by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Company. She is wonderful and fun as is her shop and family story. The website is

    I am hoping to get something to submit for the Sew Weekly Reunion, too, but it’s looking a little shaky right now. Best wishes to you on all you lovely work.

    • Thanks for the tip Mary. I think I’m going to like quilting but squeezing it in with all my other projects is always the challenge. I typically go in spurts where I will be fully engaged with a particular craft. Lately it has been embroidery but I do see some quilting projects in the near future!


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